Personalised Medicine, also referred to as precision medicine, is the latest addition to the Harvey Medicine course curriculum. The course aims at providing the student with current clinical examples and the basic scientific knowledge on this state-of-the-art revolutionary approach to medicine. Personalised medicine started with the sequencing of the human genome at the beginning of the 21st century and was accelerated by huge advancements made in DNA sequencing and diagnostic technologies combined with the a rapidly-increasing understanding of the molecular basis for disease and, as important, huge financial investments by governments and industry.

The future of Medicine is Personalised Precision Medicine and the course will demonstrate its current application in Pavia and many other leading research hospitals around the world, making this an essential (optional) course for future doctors.


Currently two lecturers are assigned to this course:

Professor Mario Cazzola who is a leading expert in the field of hematological disease and will give excellent examples of the application of precision medicine in the clinic and the latest scientific research from his department that supports these treatments.

Professor Hugo de Jonge has a background in molecular biology and has been working on fundamental cancer research as well as regenerative medicine. He will present the overall view and concept of personalised medicine and explain the technologies that drive this rapidly evolving approach to medicine.