Essay writing techniques

This pre-term course aims at preparing the new Harvey students for their future academic writing tasks. The course focuses on the writing of short essays on medical and scientific topics as such essays will be part of the examination format of the Harvey Medicine Course.
It will teach basic writing techniques covering topics such as format, style, grammar, syntax and referencing. In addition, the course will discuss the use of reference managers, information databases and other resources that will become an integral part of studying. The most important aim of the course is to make the students understand what examiners, review committees, or funding bodies want from them. This important awareness will allow more effective preparation for a grant application or an exam resulting in an increased chance of winning a fellowship or contest, more efficient performance during written examinations, better comprehension of the course material and, as a result, higher marks!  

During the course the students have the opportunity to write short essays in order to practice the acquired writing skills and bring common problems in writing to light.

Course ID: 506495
Credits: 1