Il Corso verterà su disordini del movimento, patologie cerebrovascolari, stati di coma.

This new course is specifically aimed at PhD students, whether just starting or near to the end of their three or four years of hard work. With the course I am trying to give some suggestions, tricks and tips on scientific writing for a thesis. However, other important PhD topics such as planning (not only of the writing), motivational issues and plagiarism are presented. As it was requested, I will try to extend the course to more specific writing for papers and applications and cover presenting (to an audience) and "delicate issues" regarding interactions with supervisors, professors and other people related to a PhD project.

During the lecture the audience will be engaged through the use of Mentimeter, a software tool that allows the incorporation of audience feedback in the slides.

The two lectures of roughly two hours yield one student credit.

Lecturer: Hugo de Jonge, Department of Molecular Medicine, Unit of Immunology and General Pathology

This is a course (Elective Educational Activities/ Optional Courses) held every year on  tropical medicine topics. Invited speakers come from different countries and share their scientific and clinical expertise with participants.

The seminar is open to stuidents, residents an specialists alike, who are interested in Tropical Medicine.